He was ‘caught up by stupidity and naivety’ – Insuah Fuseini reacts to son’s jailing US

Former Tamale Central Member of Parliament Insuah Fuseini has described the imprisonment of his son as a ‘difficult thing to take’ saying he trained up the young man well but he ended up in such a scandalous situation.

According to him, knowing who Abdul Insuah was, he doesn’t believe that he would engage in any fraudulent activity to warrant a jail term, adding he was “just caught up by stupidity and naivety”.

“It is a difficult thing to take because you train your child to become a good and responsible person, sit with him to talk to him about what decent life is, and you try to imbibe in him the importance of hard work and ends up in this situation is difficult.

“He is there as a student, and he decided to register a company which I never sanctioned because I believe that if you are sent to school to learn, you must concentrate on your studies. But he registered the company and was buying cars for people and I know people he has bought cars for in Ghana, but in this particular case, he bought a car for his fellow students who are Nigerians, and it turned out that the money that was used to buy the car was money acquired fraudulently,” Insuah Fuseini said in an interview on Face to Face on Citi TV.

32-year-old Abdul Insuah received a two-year prison sentence after a federal jury found him guilty of participating in a Huntington, West Virginia, conspiracy that used phoney online personas to defraud people in other states.

In addition, he was ordered by the court to complete three years of supervised release after his term in jail and pay $152,000 in restitution.

Despite his son’s conviction and sentencing, the former lawmaker said: “I support my son 100 percent because I know him and he is not someone who will be interested in other people’s things.”

Cyber fraud and money laundering activities have heightened lately across the globe and many unsuspecting people have fallen victim to all sorts of scams, losing huge monies to faceless predators.



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