GECA welcomes regulation on electrical appliances and renewable energy products

The Ghana Electrical Contractors Association (GECA) has commended the Energy Commission for enacting a new regulation on electrical appliances and renewable energy products in Ghana.

According to GECA, most electrical hazards in homes and workplaces can be attributed to the use of faulty equipment. Also, substandard or faulty electrical equipment lead to electric shocks, overheating, and fire outbreak, which could kill or cause serious injury as well as affect the nation’s economy.

“Checking electrical equipment for safety is a well-established practice. In light of this, the Ghana Electrical Contractors Association (GECA) commends the Energy Commission for enacting a Legislative Instrument banning the importation of faulty and substandard electrical appliances in Ghana”

In the press statement issued on Tuesday 31 January 2023, GECA is further calling on the Energy Commission to ensure effective implementation of the Legislative Instrument (LI) and consider introducing a mandatory appliance testing regime. They further entreat the commission to continue to engage and educate the public on the Legislative Instruments.

“It is well-known that the fact that electrical equipment is functioning does not guarantee that it is safe for continued use. Elsewhere, electrical equipment undergo regular Portable Appliances Testing (PAT). Appliances that fail the PAT are discarded as a result of; leaking current, poor polarity, poor insulation resistance, etc. Unfortunately, most of these failed appliances find their way into this country” the statement added

The Energy Commission issued a public notice on 27 January 2022 to announce the enactment of new regulations on electrical appliances and renewable energy products including; Clothes Washing Machine, Industrial Fans, Rice Cookers, Computers, Set-Top Boxes, Ventilating Fans, Solar Panels, Microwave Ovens, Storage Water Heaters, Energy Batteries, Public Lighting, Improved Biomass Cookstoves, Television sets, Electric Motors, Electric Kettles, Air Conditioners, Distribution Transformers, and Comfort Fans.

Source: By Samuel Afriyie Owusu||Ghana

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