Evacuated students from Sudan demand integration into Ghanaian universities

Some Ghanaian students who were evacuated from Sudan by the government have petitioned Parliament to support their request for integration into tertiary institutions in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration evacuated 82 Ghanaian students from Sudan in May 2023 following a deadly conflict in the country that resulted in casualties.

Forty-seven of the evacuated students say that although they were assured of integration into universities in Ghana by the government, they have yet to experience it.

A spokesperson for the group, Aisha Mustapha, a 5th-year medical student, told Citi News that they were assured of integration, which is yet to be carried out even though schools are in session.

“We are appealing for integration because the government is yet to reach out to us. Even though there have been some verbal assurances since we arrived in Ghana, there has not been any meaningful progress yet, and schools are in session, and we are at home.”

“We have met the director for tertiary education at the Ministry of Education on two occasions, and he assured us of integration. He told us that they were going to integrate us into private universities, but we told him we could not afford it because if we had those funds, we would not have gone to Sudan in the first place.”

Source: Nii Ayikwei Okine

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