EC’s CI to make Ghana Card sole registration document not passed – Parliament  

Parliament has refuted claims that it has passed the Electoral Commission (EC’s) Constitutional Instrument (CI) that seeks to make the Ghana Card the sole document for voter registration.

In a release signed by the Director of Public Affairs, Kate Addo, Parliament indicated that any such publication is false.

“Parliament states categorically that it has not passed any such Instrument.” the release clarified.

According to the release, Parliament does not pass Constitutional Instruments, adding that “They only come into force with the effluxion of time; that is after 21 days of the Instrument being laid in the House.”

Clarifying what ensued in the House on the 23rd of February, 2023, it stated that “Parliament held a pre-presentation discussion on the CI, to collect input from relevant sources for the drafting of the Constitutional Instrument (Cl).”

They, therefore, urged the media to endeavor to be accurate in their reportage, adding that they can “contact the relevant authorities and officers in case of ambiguity or for further clarification on issues concerning or emanating from the House.”

It would be recalled that the Electoral Commission in September last year, made a move to have the Ghana Card as the sole document for voter registration in the country.

The move agitated the Minority Group and they subsequently opposed the CI, saying it will disenfranchise voters. But the EC insisted that it will use the Ghana Card for voter registration.

According to the electoral management body, the Ghana Card is the most authentic means of identifying Ghanaians, hence the Commission’s decision to use it in compiling a new database of voters.

Subsequently, on February 8, the Minority in Parliament reiterated its strong opposition to the use of the Ghana Card for voter registration. They explained that many Ghanaians may not have access to it in order to register.

SourceEmma Ankrah

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