Creative Arts Agency drafts policy framework

A policy framework is in the works by the Creative Arts Agency to establish a creative arts curriculum for Ghana’s education sector.

Chief Executive of the agency, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo told JoyNews that the framework, once concluded, will be forwarded to Parliament for deliberations and subsequent approval.

The Creative Arts Agency on Thursday met stakeholders to begin drafting a policy framework development to establish creative education in Ghana.

This framework, according to the agency, if approved will be included in the educational curriculum across the country.

“If you are an Olympic swimmer or scientist, you are taught to grasp it as early as possible and if you did that with someone with that has an interest in painting, and poetry and caught them from a younger age giving them a solid foundation within that platform and industry.

“That person could become a budding artiste, a prolific one and also not someone who necessarily goes into arts but finds them in other fields leading creative thinking,” Gyankroma Akufo-Addo told JoyNews’ Nicholas Ekow Yamoah.

Public Relations Officer for the National Teaching Council, Dennis Osei-Owusu who was present at the meeting says the initiative is welcoming and has promised that teachers will be taken through special training for the course.

“We want to work hand in hand with the existing curriculum and improve on what one can do separately not only the grammar aspect of education only but we think this country can move in a different direction and we need to build our wards right from the beginning and build on their creativity. It’s a new thing introduced and per what we are discussing now, we want to now infuse it into the training of teachers and so right from the training, he or she knows that we have to build the creativity of the learner,” he said.

The Creative education policy framework will make students think in creative ways from the basic level to the tertiary and will equip students with creative skills for solving issues.

SourceNicholas Ekow Yamoah

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