Company denies NIA cards due to financial duress

The company responsible for providing blank cards to the National Identification Authority (NIA) for printing Ghana cards has refused to release more cards due to the indebtedness of the outfit.

The National Identification Authority is to settle some amount to the aforementioned company, however, lack of payment has forced it to deny NIA access to blank cards.

“Since about August of last year, we have experienced financial constraints in the system and it created a situation where even though we have 3.5 million stock of cards in a bonded warehouse, we are unable to assess the cards because of financial difficulty,”

In assurance, Prof Attafuah has indicated that the government has cleared some of the debt and soon some cards will be released for printing for registered Ghanaians.

This comes in the wake of questions raised by the Minority in Parliament about the inability of all eligible Ghanaians to get their cards in time for registration.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission, of Ghana (EC), is said to have proposed a new Constitutional Instrument (CI) to have the Ghana Card as the sole document of proof for registration ahead of the 2024 elections.


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