Community fearful after off-duty policemen shot dead at East Trasacco

Residents of Block Factory at East Trasacco in Accra say they are living in fear after two off-duty policemen were shot and killed by unknown gunmen on Thursday evening.

The sense of apprehension lingers in the community, even 24 hours after the incident.

In an interview with JoyNews, a resident expressed concern and stated that she had requested her landlord for a refund to vacate the premises due to the rampant shootouts.

“I could have been a victim if I was also sitting outside, I don’t understand why they came to shoot the policemen,” she said.

She said that the whole incident happened so quickly.

“I was not outside, I was in my room when I heard multiple gunshots, and so I rushed out to see two of my co-tenants lying down lifeless, if I’m not exaggerating I heard more than 10 shots.”

After the gunshots had ended, residents rushed outside to see what was happening, she recalled.

However, upon reaching the scene, they were met with the sight of two off-duty policemen lying on the ground—one a CID officer and the other a regular policeman.

She observed that although both policemen initially appeared to be deceased, it was later discovered that the CID officer was still breathing. He was promptly taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries before getting medical care, as confirmed on arrival at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service has stated that a manhunt is underway to apprehend the perpetrators who fled on a motorbike.

Security Analyst Dr Adams Bonaa believes the killing was targeted. He is optimistic that the police will soon arrest the perpetrators.

“What could be the cause? I will say it is difficult at the moment. One can propound many theories, but what I can say is this looks like a targeted killing, either the guys are around the area or these guys were given a tip-off that the police officers had returned home and they were out taking fresh air and so the killers could come and finish them, there are two things,” he added.

He emphasised the importance of taking quick action to ensure that justice is served and to prevent such heinous crimes from recurring.

Source: Mavis Sekyibea Addo  

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