BREAKING: Mid-Air Trouble Strikes Agyinasare’s US-Bound Flight Amid Growing Tensions with Nogokpo Elders | Details

Speculation abounds in town regarding an incident involving a United flight bound for Washington DC, which allegedly encountered a mid-air glitch and subsequently returned to its departure point.

The flight’s emergency return has sparked various theories among the public.

One particular theory suggests a potential connection between the flight’s forced return and a recent dispute involving Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and the elders and people of Nogokpo in the Volta Region.

These individuals had issued a 14-day ultimatum for the Archbishop to appear before them. This theory posits that the glitch may have been influenced by this ongoing conflict.

Imani Ghana Vice President, Bright Simons, shared the rumors on Twitter, contributing to the growing speculation. Simons cryptically mentioned the situation, stating,

“The rumor mill in Accra is going into overdrive. On 1st June, a United flight was to carry a big Christian leader to DC.

Said leader has recently had a bit of a fracas with acolytes of a certain thunder God. The flight had a glitch & turned back. Some say it’s a cosmic affair.”

The incident has captured the attention of many in Accra, with the news circulating rapidly. Although the details remain unconfirmed, the public’s imagination has been ignited by the possibility of a connection between the flight’s glitch and the ongoing disagreement involving Archbishop Agyinasare.

While it is essential to approach such rumors with caution, the widespread discussion and speculation surrounding the incident reflect the curiosity and intrigue of the community.

As individuals eagerly await official statements or further information, the circumstances surrounding the United flight’s forced return continue to be a topic of fervent discussion in Accra.

Source: NDC NPP

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