‘Borga, go vote first’ – Ghanaians react to Wizkid at funeral of Killbeatz’s mother in Tema

Nigerian afrobeat superstar, Wizkid, has received backlash from social media after being spotted at Killbeats mom’s funeral in Ghana, following ongoing polls in Nigeria to elect a new leader.

Wizkid was spotted in Tema among other music colleagues mourning with beat producer Killbeat, on Saturday, February 25th, 2023.

His absence from performing his civic duty as a citizen of Nigeria to exercise his franchise during the day all Nigerians across the country matched up to go vote for a new President has caused netizens on social media to react.

The Essence hitmaker abandoned the elections to be with his Ghanaian brothers to grieve the loss of their colleague’s mom.

A video of the moment surfaced online and sparked wild debate among netizens expressing their disappointment in the artist for not upholding his country in a time of urgency.


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