Bondholders picket Finance Ministry again to demand coupon, principal payments

Members of the Pensioners Bondholders Forum have beseeched the Finance Ministry’s premises to demand the payment of their matured coupons and principals.

The government has failed to meet its obligations to pensioner bondholders who were exempted from the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme.

This includes individual bondholders who did not participate in the scheme, treating them unfairly.

Some of them clad in red bands chanting war songs in hopes of getting the authorities’ attention.

‘Show us some care’, ‘Pensioners’ funds = Pension funds’ are some of the inscriptions on the signage they hoisted.

Pensioners Bondholders Forum say their bonds matured as far back as March and have not been paid, hence the action.

A retired police officer who has his funds locked up lamented the situation’s impact on his activities.

He [Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta] should try and pay my money to me. Even if they will cease the issued and give us our capital or principal money we used in the bonds, they should give it to us,” he said.

He says he did not imagine his reward after decades of service the country will be this bitter.

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