Ashanti Region Zongo Peace and Reconciliation Committee calls for calm in zongo communities in Kumasi

The leadership of Zongo communities in Kumasi has implored inhabitants to be measured in their utterances to prevent any disturbances.

There appears to be tension over the nomination and subsequent selection of Sarkin Zango (regional Zongo chief).

Addressing the media in Kumasi, the Peace and Reconciliation committee at the office of the regional chief Imam entreated the youth to refrain from any action that will lead to violence.

“Of late, there has been tension in the Zango areas followed by accusations and counter-accusations which is not in good taste for the development of our community. This development came as a result of the nomination, selection, and subsequent election of the new Sarkin Zango, which has been challenged in court.

“We call on the youth to exercise restrain and desist from using abusive, divisive and derogatory comments that are likely to send the community into a state of anarchy”, Ashanti regional Fulani chief, Alhaji Osman Bin Ahmad stated.

The Committee beseeched all to accept the judgment of Manhyia Palace on who becomes the new Sarkin Zango since the matter is now before the Palace.

“We are calling on the Zango community to be patient and tolerant during this trying moment in the history of Zango, for there is always a solution to every situation.

“With the case now at Manhyia Palace, let us patiently wait for the outcome.

“We pray that each and every person in the Zango community will respect the final verdict and accept the outcome for peace and tranquility to prevail”.

Source:  MG Digital

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