Arrest “notorious” land guards terrorising land owners – Ayeh-Paye to Police

Samuel Ayeh-Paye, the former Member of Parliament for Ayensuano, has expressed concerns about the escalating activities of land guards which have resulted in loss of lives over land disputes.

On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, a military officer was shot dead at Millennium City in Gomoa East, Central Region, due to a land dispute. Two other officers with him managed to escape unharmed.

The police have apprehended a suspect, Benlord Ababio, for allegedly participating in the shooting.

In an interview with Selorm Adonoo, the former MP compared the activities of land guards to those of armed robbers who steal and murder their victims, urging the Ghana Police to promptly arrest notorious land guards.

Ayeh-Paye described the issues with land guards in the country as “disturbing”.

“Land guards and land issues in Ghana are very disturbing to people who want to have a place of abode or trying to build. It’s difficult buying lands from Accra and even outside Accra like we have witnessed in Kasoa. This issue about land guards can be handled, the security agencies should team up with the chiefs and landowners to stop it, and we can easily stop it. It’s worrying when you come to my constituency, where land guards are being pampered and some made chiefs.

He emphasized, “I’m of the view that as a country, we should find a critical look at it and find a solution. If you go to some of the police stations, especially Kasoa, you can see that they know all these land guards. If you go there and mention the area, they know them.

“So, what prevents them from arresting them? Some landguards steal land, there’s no difference between an armed robber and a landguard. I think they are the same, they all go to steal with arms.”

He expressed his disapproval of the situation where land guards have been emboldened in Ghanaian society.

“How dare someone kill a military officer in uniform in front of a police station? How bold could you be? he asked.

He urged stakeholders in the land acquisition space to find a permanent solution to the issues plaguing the sector.

“It is an issue I’m of the view that all the stakeholders in land acquisition should come together and find a lasting solution to the land guards’ issues,” he opined.

“To register your land in this country is very difficult. I’m of the view that the request for land registration should be known to the public. Advertise in the dailies, the process is a bit cumbersome,” he suggested.

Source: Leticia Osei

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