All Regional Games is here to stay – CEO Tiana Addae

The Chief Executive Officer of the All Regional Games, Tiana Addae, says there is a long-term plan to ensure the competition goes beyond this year.

The first edition of the initiative is set to place in November 2024 as revealed during the press launch on Tuesday, April.

The idea of the Games is to help in the identification and development of young talents from all parts of the country.

Concerns were raised about the sustainability of the competition if the maiden edition becomes a success. However, Addae has revealed the competition is here to stay.

“[All Regional Games] is a long-term plan that we will be doing,” said the CEO.

“It’s not just for this year. It is continuous.”

The much-anticipated competition will feature athletes competing in nine sports disciplines; football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, boxing, eSports, and arm-wrestling.

Addae also emphasised they are open to working with other professionals who are willing available themselves to ensure the success of the Games.

“We are open to other athletes [at the] regional. Old athletes, current athletes or anyone that is in a discipline that has been professional and wants to join us, we are more than happy to bring them on board.”

The regional activities will be held between June 9 and 30 with the national festival expected to be staged in November.

SourceLawrence Degraft Baidoo

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