You’ve done nothing exceptional; don’t call yourself the best Vice President – Asafo Agyei slams Bawumia

A former deputy spokesperson for the NDC in the Ashanti Region, Kwaku Asafo Agyei has shredded Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia over his dream to lead the NPP as a flagbearer.

He is touring the country to solicit support to lead the NPP to the elections in 2024 out of the 10 persons seeking the topmost position to succeed President Akufo-Addo.

During one of his engagements with NPP party members, Bawumia claimed he had suffered in the party more than the other candidates and, therefore, ought to be given the nod to be the next presidential candidate.

He touted his competency and described himself as a strategist and the best vice president since independence.

Reacting to the comment, Asafo Agyei, a loudmouth NDC communicator described him as a joker who has taken Ghanaians for a ride for too long.

“Bawumia’s governance won’t be different from Akufo-Addo’s that has plunged this country into hardship,” he said.

Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia

Asafo Agyei explained that Bawumia’s campaign is dominated by Ministers, Appointees and DCEs under this government hence when the NPP vote for him to lead them, the same people will dominate his government “in the unlikely event that he wins 2024.”

“He (Bawumia) can’t sack these appointees when he gets the chance to form a government someday,” he highlighted.

“So these persons who have messed the economy up will not be different when they work in Bawumia’s government in the unlikely event that he wins.”

He continued, “How can he (Bawumia) be the best vice president since independence when he has messed up the economy as someone showcased to Ghanaians as the messiah of the Ghanaian economy?”

“thinks Bawumia thinks Ghanaians are fools,” he retorted on Inside Politics programme on Power FM.

“Mahama’s government left a gallon of fuel at 16 cedis when leaving office in 2017, 1 but at a point, we bought a litre of petrol at 18 cedis under this government, so what is Bawumia saying?”

Asafo Agyei went on, “Mahama left the country’s Debt to GDP less than 60% but under Bawumia, the debt to GDP crossed 100% and we had to run to IMF.”

“So  how are you the best Vice President?” He quizzed again, urging Ghanaians, especially NPP delegates to ignore the Vice President’s empty talks.

Dr Bawumia enjoyed all the attention of Ghanaians in the run-up to the 2016 elections when Ghana was facing its worse power crisis under the erstwhile John Mahama government.

Bawumia, then Running Mate of Candidate Nana Akufo-Addo, vilified Mahama and his appointees and described them as incompetent amid a series of lectures on how the NPP will transform the country’s economy when voted to power.

However, 7 years into power, Bawumia, the head of the economic management team of the government, has failed to restore the economy on track,  decrease the country’s debt stock and quell soaring inflation which has resulted in plunging thousands into poverty than before.

A World Bank report recently said Ghana’s soaring inflation pushed about 850,000 Ghanaians into poverty.

It is for this reason that Bawumia is receiving jabs not from the opposition NDC that wants to return to power but his contenders in the NPP presidential primaries race.


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