We haven’t been compensated – Some June 3 disaster victims

Eight years after flood and explosion occurred at the GOIL fuel station at Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Ghana’s capital city Accra, killing and injuring people who had sought refuge from the floods that had occurred during a heavy downpour on June 3, 2015; some survivors and victims are calling for help after not receiving any compensation.

Three of the victims who were severely burnt; Kasim Suraj, Thomas Sekyi and Alex Mensah recounted their ordeal and how the accident has affected them adversely to Johnnie Hughes on 3FM Community Connect on Friday, June 2, 2023.

According to them, life has been very difficult for them both socially and economically after losing their livelihood and getting defaced by the fire. Alex Mensah who used to work as a commercial bus driver recounted how people stare at him and sometimes refuse to sit by him in public transport.

“Even my own children said I am not their father when I went home after I was discharged from hospital. It took them some time to accept my situation. There are other children too who cry or flee when they see me. Because of these experiences, we find it difficult to go into social gatherings” he added

The trio revealed on 3FM 92.7 that they haven’t received any insurance or compensation and are bearing the cost of treatment themselves but sometimes they don’t go for their reviews because of financial constraints.

Kasim Suraj, also a former driver mentioned that he has undergone twenty surgeries over six years because the fire destroyed his eyes as well as the bones in his head and needs a headgear to protect his brain harsh weather but couldn’t afford it.

“I was on admission in the hospital when some money was brought to me to use for my medical bills and that I will be given compensation when I am discharged. However, upon my discharge, they told me I have received my compensation already. Is the money for medical bills compensation?” he quizzed.

They also appealed to fuel stations and people who deal in highly combustible items to be safety minded and adhere to all safety precautions in order not to endanger lives and properties.

Thomas Sekyi on behalf of the group of victims and survivors of the June 3 disaster numbering ninety six (96) is appealing to government, individuals and organisations to come to aide and also provide employment opportunities to the capable ones among them.

According to the Bureau of Public Safety, 154 lives were loss and 150 people sustained various degrees of injuries in ‘Fire and Flood’ disaster of June 3, 2015

Source: MG Digital

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