NPP spraying cash in Assin North ahead of by-elections – NDC’s Basintale

The Deputy National Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Malik Basintale, claims that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is on a cash-spraying spree in the Assin North Constituency ahead of the June 27th by-elections.

He also said that the party is giving out items, including foodstuff and T-shirts, to buy the votes of constituents.

Basintale made the claim in an interview with Umaru Sanda Amadu on Citi FM in Accra on Thursday.

“They are spraying cash in Assin North. People were taking T-shirts, and some were given an amount of money. They are proud of doing it, just like they did in Kumawu,” he said.

Basintale indicated that they had captured the acts on video and were ready to show them to the public.

“This shameless act has been captured on video. We have said that this is something that is no longer done in secrecy. The NPP is all out there doing these things, and they are not shying away from them,” he added.

Basintale said the situation was worrying because, after the evidence gathered after a similar situation in the Kumawu by-election, the party was not invited for an inquiry into the matter.

“After all the evidence was presented that they were giving some amount of money to delegates, no one was invited. That is what has brought about what is happening today,” he added.

Basintale said the government had used state resources to its advantage and was not being careful about how it was doing so. He said this was not safe for the country’s democracy and foreign relations.

“The only reason we are worried is what the foreign world will say about this, and we don’t think this is safe for our democracy,” he added.

Source: Citi News

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