MUSIGA elections put on hold again by court

The eagerly anticipated Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) elections, originally slated to occur on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, have encountered an unexpected twist as an Accra High Court has put them on hold.

This pause comes in the wake of a legal challenge mounted by two MUSIGA members, namely Doe Kwablah Seyenam Nyamadi and Frederick Van Dyk.

In their petition, Nyamadi and Van Dyk leveled allegations against MUSIGA and its present executives, asserting that they have disregarded the union’s constitution by failing to furnish comprehensive financial accounts. Their contention rests on the premise that MUSIGA’s inability to account for its financial transactions renders it ineligible to proceed with the election process, including the transfer of power to a fresh executive body.

The court’s verdict sided with the plaintiffs, leading to the issuance of an interlocutory injunction that effectively suspends the elections until a thorough examination and resolution of the matter can be undertaken. This legal development serves as a considerable setback for MUSIGA, an organization that has faced challenges in conducting elections over the past few years. The previous instance of elections took place in 2014.

The cloud of uncertainty hovering over the fate of the upcoming elections has cast a somber shadow over the future trajectory of MUSIGA. The union, which has played a pivotal role in the Ghanaian music industry, now finds itself grappling with a potential protraction of its leadership transition process.

In a statement Peter Marfo, the Chairman of the MUSIGA Election Committee, expressed regret for any inconvenience that the injunction might have caused to the esteemed members, aspiring candidates, and the broader union.

By: Afia Owusu/

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