La Dade-Kotopon: NPP members welcome NEC’s decision for new parliamentary primary

The Coalition of Concerned NPP members in La Dade-Kotopon has welcomed a directive by the National Executive Committee of the party for nominations to be reopened to select a parliamentary candidate for the party in the constituency ahead of the 2024 polls. 

The group in February 2024 threatened to campaign against the NPP over claims that a candidate will be imposed on them. This followed the resignation of the party’s parliamentary candidate for the area, Dr. Gerald Tetteh Nyanyofio.

Reacting to a decision of the NPP’s National Executive Committee to allow for a fresh contest in the constituency, the spokesperson for the group, John Danso called for a free and fair process. 

“We are happy about the decision that they have taken now, because that is all that we were fighting for, for the law to work or democracy to prevail. I believe that this decision that they have taken, will help the consistency to calm nerves down and also bring peace and unity for us to come together and fight for the main election to win for the constituents.

“Now that the NEC has taken the decision, I believe that they will bring the timetable on how we are going to conduct the election. And I believe that through the contest, when we go for an election, by all means, we all have our interests, but they [NPP NEC] will know how to resolve issues to make sure that we take the seat from the NDC.”

Source: Citi Newsroom

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