It’s not a sin to wear dreadlocks – Evangelist Suro Nyame

Popular evangelist-social-media-sensation Evangelist Suro Nyame has descended on his fellow clergyman criticising his appearance. He called them ignorant and pretentious for pushing their agenda instead of the gospel.

Many have faulted Evangelist Suro Nyame for being the opposite of the regular Ghanaian preacher because he has dreadlocks and wears earrings. 

He recently gained prominence on social media for preaching the gospel with secular songs. He’s been in the trends for preaching with songs from Black Sheriff, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, and others. 

Answering questions about his lifestyle and his mode of preaching on Onua FM’s Anigye mmere show, the young pastor told Emmanuel Agyeman(Braa Emma) that his fellow preachers sermonize outmoded messages to their audience to cage them.

“It is not a sin to wear dreadlocks. I’ve always maintained that you, Africans, have created your religion and fooled with it. Ninety-nine per cent of African preachers are stupid. We’ve created a way of life, thinking we’re serving God,” he chastised.

Evangelist Suro Nyame continued, “Some of the actions we call sins are never a transgression before God. For example, we likened people with dreadlocks to sinners. While a pastor with a clean ‘shaved head’ is having an affair with somebody’s wife.”

He further revealed that even though his supposed “gangster” lifestyle has attracted disapproval from his Church authorities. 

“I’m a member of the Church of Pentecost. My church leaders have cautioned me on singing along to secular songs while preaching, but I will never stop. If you have problems with me, it’s your cup of tea because the person who has called me is not angry.

“When I go to the ghettos, you don’t expect me to sing gospel songs. They’ll pound on me, so before giving them the word, I strategically identify with them,” he concluded.

Source: By Victor Kodom

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