It’s a fact that Nogokpo remains spiritual gateway to Ghana – Fiator Agbodzalu tells critics

He warned that the people of the famous town in the Volta Region are peaceful and accommodating, but will not continue to accept unsolicited disparagement by people who hardly know anything about the place.

“Nogokpo remains the gateway to Ghana and no one can challenge that,” quotes the traditional leader as saying.

His comment follows the ensuing controversy that has been occasioned by Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder of Perez Chapel International that Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region.

Torgbui Agbodzalu Amuzu entreated people who don’t know much about Nogokpo to seek proper information, reiterating that Agyinasare’s comments about the town and the region as a whole were offensive and that he must come down from the high horses and apologies.

“I really don’t know what exactly these Christian leaders are teaching their members, especially the younger generation, and the religious studies in schools what exactly are school children learning?” he lamented.

Reacting to the one-week fast that the Perez Chapel has declared, he said it shows clearly that instead of doing the needful, Agyinasare and his people have chosen spiritual warfare.

“Who are they declaring the one-week fasting and prayers for and the unfortunate comments by Nana Agradaa and some supporters of the Archbishop, what exactly do they want?”

Torgbui Agbodzalu Amuzu further cautioned that the people of Nogokpo have had enough of the needless disrespect and denigration at the hands of mostly Christians, so they will stand their ground now.



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