Ghana’s democracy reduced to ‘monecracy’ – Haruna Iddrisu

Haruna Iddrisu, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale South, has raised concerns over the state of Ghana’s democracy, which he believes has been reduced to a ‘monecracy.’

Iddrisu shared these views at the 15th MTN Pulse Africa Transform Summit in Kumasi.

He expressed worry about the growing influence of money in the country’s democratic processes, arguing that it overshadows the democratic principles of fair representation and equal opportunity.

While discussing the Affirmative Action Bill, which he described as flawed, Iddrisu admitted to being a part of the system he criticises.

Mr Iddrisu urged the youth to resist this trend and voice their opposition.

He recalled a time when political campaigns were less about the financial resources a candidate could bring to a polling station and more about their ideas and commitment to public service.

“We have reduced our democracy to monocracy. Here it is now about who pays more and who is the highest bidder. That is wrong and young people you must speak about it even though I am an actor of it.”

He added, “When my generation started, it was not about how much money you brought to a polling station and how much you paid. In fact, I used to borrow a motorbike to campaign.

“Today I am not sure a candidate on a motorbike will be accepted. So, speak out and speak out for the good of the country.”

Source: Abigail Arthur

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