Brace yourselves for more economic difficulties – Prof Adei warns Ghanaians

Renowned Economist, Professor Stephen Adei, has urged Ghanaians to brace themselves for anticipated economic difficulties in 2025 and beyond.

Prof. Adei highlighted significant delays in the government’s efforts to restructure debt as indicative of the hurdles ahead. His remarks were delivered during a media event organized by the Grand Coalition in Accra on Monday, April 15th.

During his address, Prof. Adei called upon aspiring political leaders to move away from making grandiose promises and instead focus on implementing practical strategies to navigate the nation through these turbulent times.

He emphasized the urgent need for proactive measures to guide Ghana towards a future characterized by sustainable growth and prosperity.

“The reality is that the economic crisis we are in is going to be with us for some time because if you look at the domestic debt exchange programme, most of it has been delayed till 2027, 2028.

“I wish that I will be hearing from those who want to be heads of state and their campaigning—not their grand ideas, how they are going to see us through so that we reach a stage where we have a sustainable development outcome. In other words, we need in this nation, a three-staged agenda for resolving the crisis.

“The second one is laying what we economists call the preconditions of development, what will propel us from thereafter, and then a long-term vision of the Ghana we want to be at least by 2057.”

Source: Afua Adwubi Wiafe Akenteng

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