Ambulance case: Godfred Dame is a ‘man without shame’ – Edudzi

Godwin Edudzi Tamekloe, the Head of Legal Affairs for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has strongly criticized Attorney General Godfred Dame, calling him “a man without shame” over his recent comments regarding the ongoing ambulance trial.

This criticism follows the Attorney General’s call for the public to reject what he described as falsehoods and misrepresentations by the NDC in the ambulance case.

Speaking at a town hall meeting with Ghanaian residents in the United Kingdom (UK), Mr Dame stated that the NDC’s allegations had fallen apart during the cross-examination of the third defendant in the trial.

He urged the public to dismiss the party’s alleged lies and deceptions.

In response, Mr. Tamekloe, speaking on Eyewitness News, challenged the Attorney General’s assertions. He argued that instead of perpetuating the dispute, Dame should be seeking reconciliation.

“Suffice to say that the learned trial judge, in her wisdom, admitted the audio in court, which judge would admit a doctored tape as evidence? There is this street conversation where you cannot shame an already shamed or shameless person.

“If Mr Dame has any understanding of what shame is, he will not be talking in London on this matter. In fact, he should be the one calling for a truce. The case that is ongoing looks like it is Godfred Dame who is on trial,” he stated.

Source: William Narh

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